History and Types of Online Poker Games

Any traditional or specific game with playing Pokers is called Poker game. Poker games online are played with a pack of Pokers which are identical in shape and size. Poker playing history dates back to the 10th century were Central Asia is supposed to have taken the first effort in introducing Poker games. But documents show that Chinese put the Poker games in to effect, trying newer techniques.

From Islamic empire, Pokers entered Europe with pictures of swords and cup symbols. In Europe these were replaced by representations of Kings and Knights. These Islamic Pokers also entered Spain. Those were also the days were we had hand painted Pokers with beautiful representations. There were traditional designs as well as fancy Pokers.

France gave vent to the idea of simple designs and pictures on the Pokers and those we use today saw their beginning in France. Thus spades, diamonds and hearts began to be used more on Pokers. It then began to be used in England and then in America.

About 1800, Americans began using their Pokers. They invented Joker, the highest Poker in the game of Euchre.

The first pack of Poker in Europe comprised of 52 Pokers in total. This was further enhanced by the idea of adding more Pokers to the number and thus was born the idea of tarot pack. They contained 78 Pokers at first and this was extended to 97 and more.

New fashion and techniques came up and newer ideas began to be employed in the Pokers in a very large scale. As a result numeral Pokers were replaced by design Pokers. Till date many transformations happened in the field of Pokers and it has become a trend to use the latest in the Poker playing field.

A set of generally accepted rules will be maintained in playing Poker games and the flexible dealing is done before the actual game starts. There are different types of Poker games. They are, trick taking games, gambling Poker games, Solitaire games, Collectible Poker games, etc.

  1. Play Poker Online games

Poker games with a different play structure are called as trick taking games. These games use the concept of a trick, were during each trick each player puts one Poker from his hand. When everyone finishes playing a Poker to the trick, they are turned face down and removed from play. One player will have the lead for each trick and other players play according to their physical position.

There are also variations in trick taking games like Positive trick-taking games, exact prediction trick taking games, Final trick games, and more. This also involves Cassino, Hearts, Pinochle, Spades, Seuca, Whist etc.

  1. Gambling Poker games

Gambling games or casino games can be further divided into various sections like beatable and unbeatable casino games. Beatable casino games include poker games, blackjack, video poker and the like. Unbeatable casino games include Baccarat, Craps, Roulette, 3-Poker poker, 4-Poker poker, Keno and lot more.

  1. Solitaire games

These are single player Poker games with details varying in character. These involve dealing Pokers from a shuffled deck in a special arrangement. There are different solitaire games like Ace of the Pile, Calculation, Concentration, FreeCell, Kings in the Corner, etc.

  1. Collectible Poker games

Collectible Poker games are otherwise known as customizable Poker games. They are played using specially designed set of Pokers. They follow a set of rules by which the Pokers interact. They are distributed as sealed packs with subsets of the available Pokers. This includes starter set, theme deck and starter deck.

Depending upon the number of people who play poker app and the interest of the players in general, the type of Poker game can be decided. It can also be decided based on the complexity of rules in the Poker game, how well it suits the present group who play, skill of the players and also the time needed for the game. Whichever type the game is, it is after all a matter of fun at last even though the involvement of money has a role to play in playing Pokers.